My Mood Board. My Inspiration. The Birth of Bae Kaftan.

Hello! Thanks for popping by the site. Let me first start off to say that I am not a designer by profession. But always had a thing for fashion. Love experimenting when dressing up. I get inspired by all sorts of things in life and then it gets translated into what I wear and how I dress my little 2-year-old munchkin. I have always been in love with the boho hippy-chic fashion, the 70s era and to me shouts freedom and love in comfort. So with that in mind and of course my daughter being the biggest inspiration of all, I have decided to finally embark and indulge in my fashion fantasy to start the label BaeBeeBoo. This is where I will design and curate products for those parents out there, who are looking for something a little more unique and different. Clothes that will turn heads in the crowd yet knowing their little bubs are extremely comfortable and worry-free.

Through months of hard work, I will like to introduce you to 'Bae Kaftan' my first design for the summer. It is 100% cotton and hand-embroidered by the women in the local community in Jaipur, India. Your little bub can look ultra chic and hippy in our Bae Kaftan be it by the beach building sandcastle, or sitting next to the pool (of course with adult supervision) or even just lounging at home. In addition,  I have also produced a unique customized Baebeeboo drawstring bag each printed with our favourite nursery rhyme to carry your Bae Kaftan along with you for your vacay to Bali or even the Maldives. In addition, I am proud to also say that a portion of our profit goes to support New Light which provides shelter and save haven for children of sex workers in Kolkata, India. BaeBeeBoo is all about looking stylish while making positive impact to the world. I want my BaeBeeBoo fans to be able to enjoy the product yet knowing at the back of their mind that they are contributing back to the society as well. 

I hope you enjoy my mood board and till the next post, have a great weekend! xoxo

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