Working in Progress: Affordable BaeBeeBoo Curated Fashion

We are currently busy working away and not too far from launching our BBB curated fashion pieces. These unique pieces are scouted all over the world and they are just way too cute for us not to share. And what's more, they are going to be extremely affordable. So now you can dress your little princess up without burning a hole in the wallet. Although I do have to warn you that we are only getting limited pieces for each design / size. Which means first come first serve. We are already currently overwhelmed with lots of enquiries on exactly when will we officially placing it up online for sale. Let's just say, it will be very soon mommies! Hang in there and we will announce the launch date soon! 

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek to 2 of our main pieces we will be retailing soon. Have a great rest of the week folks!
, BaeBeeBoo



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