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We have recently collaborated with a friend, a local Singaporean brand: Madam Old. We are truly in love with the scent of their mask spray and most importantly it's a small bottle of wholesome ingredients to keep us fresh and sanitised at the same time! We thought it is the perfect product to go with our stylish face masks! 

Since we are embracing the new new, why not transform face mask wearing into a positive and delightful experience by misting it with Madam Old anti-bacterial mask spray. Being 100% alcohol-free, the mask spray’s anti-bacterial properties can be more effective for an extended period, and it won’t irritate our respiratory system. Using only natural ingredients that are calming and gentle on the skin, Madam Old mask spray can also be used as a sanitiser for close skin contact fabrics like handkerchief, clothes, socks and pillow case.

Madam Old mask spray ingredients: aqua(deionised water), benzalkonium chloride, bursera graveolens wood oil, citrus aurantium bergamia, chamomille eecutita (matricaria) flower extract, polysorbate. Spray comes in a recyclable amber glass bottle to protect the contents against light and UV radiation, while an aluminium spray cap securely seals the scent to ensure that the spray performs at optimal quality. 

You'll be pleased to know that the mask spray is Health Sciences Authority (HSA) approved. 

Instruction: Spray once on the inner side of face mask and wait for 20–30 seconds before putting on mask. It is especially pleasing to use after a meal or workout. To avoid allergy, perform a patch test on a small part of skin before the first use.


Made with love, in Singapore.