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Our Boo-Tee-Fful collection is a range of unisex t-shirts collaborating with the talented Vietnamese-American illustrator, Melissa Lin (@mellin_collie) with cute graphics focusing on some of the environmental threats we are currently facing.


We have all heard about how earth is suffering because of plastic. So let's do our part to start by eliminating straws or replacing them with metal or bamboo straws instead if you do need one.  We believe that with one person who makes an effort, it will be make an impact to our environment. 

Let's start taking action to be part of this green movement.



2-3 YO

Length: 38cm

Width: 28cm 

4-5 YO

Length: 46cm

Width: 31cm

6-7 YO

Length: 49cm

Width: 33cm

Made with love in Bangladesh. 

100% Cotton.