New Gabriela Mexican Dress

Our last trip to Mexico got us inspired, hence we came bringing back a piece of Mexico with us in the form of the Gabriela Red Dress. The best part, you can now enjoy this cute outfit with your little one! We are proud to present to you Gabriela Mommy and Daughter Twinning Set. 

This gorgeous Mexican dress made 100% luxe cotton and hand-sewn by women in Jaipur, India. The Gabriela Red Dress is a comfortable wear for women and girls of all shapes and sizes. Style it with a pair of high-cut sneakers, big statement earrings and a turban and you are ready to paint the town red. We have too re-designed this dress by adding in front pockets and included cute flora embroidery details. Ladies, don't we all need a cute comfortable dress in this summer heat to look ultra cool?


Made in India.  Hand-sewn by women in Jaipur.


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