Peek-A-Boo Face Mask

Baebeeboo have crafted out a range of beautiful fashion fabric masks that will make a huge difference to your daily outfits. Our masks are locally designed and produced together with a handful of fashion students / graduates. It is made of 100% cotton crepe as a base with a layer of uniquely embroidered tulle, organza and lace fabric and comes with long pretty matching straps as part of the charm. 

If you are not into strap ties, we offer adjustable loops as well!

Our masks are definitely a standout in the crowd. Unique in its way and most importantly it is functional and extremely breathable with charcoal filter side pockets. Each design comes as a twinning set too. So for those who likes twinning, you are very welcome. *wink.

For this batch of masks, we are very pleased to be working with Pathways to Better Life Ltd (Pathways) for some of the production of our masks this time round. Pathways equips unwed/single mothers and low income families the relevant job skills to enhance their employability and help them establish financial stability and independence. I mean, isn't it just great to be able to help and contribute to make someone's life better while shopping away? 

Pre-order is now open for our long tie straps face mask.  Production will take 1 - 2 weeks (+-) and once the order is ready for shipping, we will drop you an email again to update you. 

Thank you for your support and love! 



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