This page is dedicated to all 'BAEBEEBOO' friends who have been helping us through our journey from concept to reality... we are where we are because of your love and support and we appreciate it greatly.

A Pixel Production Haus Pte Ltd 
A Pixel Photography, Baebeeboo
Super hugs and kisses to the team at A Pixel! 'Beespoke' collection was beautifully captured by the team at A Pixel especially a huge shout out to Beny Gan, the lovely photographer for this campaign. We had an A-class treatment and it was very professional and amazing. We would absolutely suggest anyone who is looking for excellent photography services to speak to them. They do your image retouching too. One-stop shop. Tres Bien!  
Jolie Goh, photographer
Jolie Goh (photographer)
I am sure you will agree that all the images on the website for the 'Bae' collection look amazing... this is due to our one and only photographer Jolie Goh. Born and raised in Singapore, Jolie Goh is the co-founder of digital lifestyle collective, The Ning Assembly ( / @theningassembly). A purveyor of fixtures and crafts and devotee of sometimes unconventional style tendencies, Jolie is journalistically-trained and pursues photography and styling at her leisure. She documents her encounters and portfolio on Instagram (@jolie.goh) and occasionally, her personal site ( 



Studio on 3rd avenue studio, studio rental, studio

The Studio Logo 

Studio on 3rd Avenue (facilities)

We needed a place to do our product photoshoot and 'Studio on 3rd Avenue' came to our rescue providing us their access to their facilities. With over 1500 sq ft of shooting area, not inclusive of prep, production off shoot area, lounge, makeup room and kitchenette. They provide a range of professional equipment and facilities to put each and every client at ease.