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Operation Starfish


Operation Starfish is a play school for toddlers and other out-of-school young children in Sonagachi, the biggest sex worker district in Kolkata (India). Launched in October 2013, the name Operation Starfish is borrowed from the Hawaiian folktale of a man throwing a single starfish picked up from the beach back into the ocean hoping to save its life. New Light aims to do the same and wishes to reach its goal even if it impacts or saves only one life.


Here at BaeBeeBoo, we believe in giving back. Every product of ours that you receive is hand-sewn by a woman in India and it is only through their hard work that BBB is possible. Besides giving the factory workers a livelihood, a portion of the profits of the 'Bae' collection is also donated to the New Light: Operation Starfish project. Our garments are special in the way they are made, the way our profits are distributed and in the way they will make your children look and feel. This is the circle of happiness that we want to keep turning.


The annual budget for running the Starfish Shelter Home is INR550,000.00 (12,000 SGD). There are 29 children with 2 teachers and 2 caregivers to assist. The project needs continuous help for the next 3 years. If you are interested in finding out more about this project or other such initiatives, please feel free to contact us on info@baebeeboo.com


We love and salute the work New Light is doing. Please click here for additional information on Operation Starfish

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