What does Beyonce, Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham all have in common? Kaftans.

Yes. These days the most favourite get away destinations for celebrities is a secluded island, away from the craziness of it all. Most importantly lounging by the pool all day soaking up the lovely sun (but of course with sunscreen) and taking in those amazing views. Having a little wind, sand and seawater in the hair accompanied by a lovely glass of whatever that tickles your fancy. Sounds like you are leading that celebrity lifestyle, hell yeah. Maybe it's the north island of Seychelles or it could be as simple as a hop over to Bali or Bintan island. But we all need that getaway these days. Just even for a weekend could bring some sanity and infuse some happiness and smiles back into your life. 

With a trip planned ahead for this coming summer holiday, we are talking about spending your next few days in those amazing resorts or villas with your family in style. Dress like these goddesses: Beyonce, Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham. What do these celebrities have in common? Kaftans. Be it seen on them or on their little bubs. Kaftans are the latest fashion hit for this season. When packing for your summer vacation, we always plan for outfits that will be really comfortable, easy to wear and most importantly instagramable and Facebook ready for the world to see. Kaftans will give you that instant fabulousness without looking kitsch for a beach holiday and yet never shabby.

Here at BaeBeeBoo, we have so many requests from parents if we are able to produce an 'adult' size kaftan to go with their little peas and we are now seriously toying with the idea. We totally understand us mommies needing to look as fabulous as the little ones when they builds their sandcastles on the beach with their BaeBeeBoo kaftans. Who says only celebrities needs to be camera ready all the time? We all do. 

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