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BaeBeeBoo a socially responsible citizen - New Light Foundation


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a huge thing for organisations, with many investing big bucks on various programmes. These include anything from volunteering to donations and philanthropy. BBB fits right in with our collaboration with New Light Foundation.

A little bit of background info on New Light - New Light is a non-profit operating in Kolkata, India, and works towards providing a safe haven for children of sex workers. BBB works with New Light one of their initiatives, Operation Starfish, which is a play school for toddlers and other out-of-school young children in Sonagachi, the biggest sex worker district in Kolkata. The simple act of donating a portion of our profits from the "Bae" collection goes a long way in helping to alleviate the costs of running the school. At BBB, we believe in being ethical and giving back to the community. Every product of ours that you receive is hand-sewn by a woman in India and it is only through their hard work that BBB is possible. This is what makes BBB so special. 

The incredible work done by New Light has really motivated us, and we hope to continue to make a difference to the lives of those young ones.

Head over to the Give Back tab for more information or check out New Light at http://www.newlightindia.org and Operation Starfish at http://www.newlightindia.org/hts-operation-starfish. What's more, we also engaged a group of women to work on all of our embroidery work in the factory to provide and open up more job opportunities for women in order to give them the ability to work in order to provide and take care of their families. Are you as empowered as we are? We do hope so. 

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